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Getting my healthy on!

Hi guy’s I know I’ve posted before about weight loss but I had a few months where I just focussed on maintaining I’m now ready to get back to it but I’m taking a totally different approach.  As I’ve lost weight I’ve felt able to do more exercise wise so along with the ‘clean eating’… Continue reading Getting my healthy on!

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Eating your feelings

Hey guys, this has been such a stressful month.  Between the husbands operation, the 6 year olds new found fondness of screaming until she turns purple if she doesn’t get her own way and the problems our 12 year old’s been having it’s been pretty hard to stay focussed and on plan. I’m such an… Continue reading Eating your feelings

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My weight loss journey so far…

So I’m over weight theres no hiding that.  I decided back in august last year that I wanted to lose weight, not for looks, not for anyone else but for my health. So I started to watch what I was eating (exercise would come later once I got into the swing of things!), nothing drastic… Continue reading My weight loss journey so far…